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Get to Know Stefan Lundman

6 February, 2017

Stefan Lundman, Senior Consultant

Fun. Inclusive. Exceptional. Those are our words, and I guess it’s a bit of a cliché to use them to describe Ascend. But it’s true. Working at Ascend is a two-fold delight. During our first years, we’ve had stimulating projects with interesting clients in various industries. At the same time, everyone is committed to developing Ascend … and having fun while doing it! It’s a truly entrepreneurial setting with some of the brightest and most caring colleagues the industry has to offer. 

My current project is with a large international Swedish company, together with two other Ascend consultants. Ascend is managing a program consisting of several sub-projects aimed at modernizing the company’s IT systems, in order to improve stability and security, while decreasing costs.

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